Olympic Artist Kevin Whitney has been selected by the Hellenic Olympic Committee to represent Great Britain at the 50th anniversary of the two week session of the International Olympic Academy in Olympia this year.

He flies out to Athens with his assistant and mentor John de Oliveira on the 25th of June to present an audio visual lecture and to promote the London 2012 Games to Delegates from 137 countries.

In 1982, the British Olympic Association appointed Whitney as the first ever Official Olympic Artist in the world. The idea was the Artist's initiative and it combined his lifelong passion of Greek art with his fascination of the Olympic movement. By contrast, in that same year, the Falklands crisis led to the appointment of Elisabeth Kitson as the government's Official War Artist; a tradition that started as far back as the Battle of Waterloo. Kevin thought "why send an artist to a war zone to depict death and destruction when at the Olympic Games an artist could celebrate life and beauty, just and the ancient Greeks did."

Whitney went on to subsequently attend Los Angeles 1984 in his official capacity and attended Barcelona 1992 and also the Beijing 2008 Olympics with John de Oliveira, sponsored by Visa and the late Barry Flanagan's company, Rowford Process.

London 2012 will be his fourth Olympics.

Kevin has been promoting Olympic art to students since 1982 and most recently has toured schools around the country since 2004 (sponsored by Lloyds TSB). He also created two Paralympic mosaic murals involving autistic students for Suffolk County Council’s 2012 team.

For the past six years, he has also attended the Guardian’s Big Draw event.

For further information please contact Whitney Studio on 020 8968 5194
or John de Oliveira on 0777 1888 606.


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